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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Leading Ukraine physicist endorses The Giza Power Plant!

In recent months we have discovered that pyramid research is alive and well in Russia and the Ukraine. Ukraine scientists have made some remarkable discoveries in their research. After reading a research article submitted to the Giza Pyramids Research Association by Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, I sent him a copy of The Giza Power Plant for review. I was delighted to receive this email today.


Dear Christopher,

I already finished to read your dissertation.I take of my hat before you. Should I send it to you by the mail?I just entered the and put the following comments to your book:

It can help our modern progressive science to find ground

The book keeps pace with my recent findings in the area of fundamentalphysics: the oriented pyramid is a resonator of the Earth inerton waves,that is, the aether wind, which was elusive from scientists in the 19thand the beginning of 20th centuries. When Einstein proposed his veryformal general relativity all studies, which touched the aetherproblems, were abandoned. However, today the inerton field is already revealed. The field influences objects in the same way as ultrasound. That is why I absolutely support Chris Dunn's theory: indeed, thePyramid was constructed as a power plant that transduced the Earthvibrating energy into the electromagnetic energy. That is why the bookis highly recommended to all thinking scientists, especially,physicists.

VolodymyrDr. V. Krasnoholovets
Department of Theoretical PhysicsInstitute of Physics
National Academy of Sciences
Prospect Nauky 46UA-03028


Read more about Dr. Krasnoholovets' at . His own pyramid research can be read at the Giza Pyramid Research Association website