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006_4a.jpg (711714 bytes)

Ed's place in Florida City

007_5a.jpg (648186 bytes)

Ed's place in Florida City with a remaining monolith

008_6a.jpg (550203 bytes)

Ed's place in Florida City

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9-tons.JPG (315767 bytes)

quarry.JPG (304413 bytes)

005_3a.jpg (606529 bytes)

Ed's crowning glory - the 30 ton rock

30ton.JPG (332223 bytes)

Ed's crowning glory from the backside

Edleed.JPG (169352 bytes)

Flywheel.JPG (257449 bytes)


010_8a.jpg (652289 bytes)        011_9a.jpg (659808 bytes)

Grizzly Adam's Filming for PAX television Encounters

Tackle3.JPG (138248 bytes)

TripodHeight.JPG (110608 bytes)                 LeedObelisk.JPG (126304 bytes)

These two photographs show that Ed's tripod is not high enough to raise the obelisk.

Leedskalnin 001.jpg (321004 bytes)

The tripod on the left and center shows the mysterious boxes on top.

The left tripod clearly shows a cable going from the box to the coral bedrock.

pulleys.jpg (104558 bytes)

The hoists in Ed's toolshop and on his tripods are not rated for the weight Ed was lifting.

tackle2.jpg (110668 bytes)

tackle1.jpg (144954 bytes)

FingerChain2.JPG (113069 bytes)


This photograph indicates that the chain link is no thicker than 3/8 inch.

links.jpg (150713 bytes)

A chain link capable of withstanding the strain of 30 tons, would exceed 1 inch in thickness

Chris1.jpg (476280 bytes)

Leedskalnin 003.jpg (333401 bytes)

The Leedskalnin "Code Book"?

Leedskalnin 004.jpg (322484 bytes)


Leedskalnin 005.jpg (317313 bytes)

What is Leedskalnin trying to tell us?

Leedskalnin 006.jpg (312718 bytes)

A convenient blank page for deciphering the code?




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